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"William Tell Overture"


This work is the original orchestral score, set to 2 keyboards and pedal. Starting with just the Flute 4' on the Great and the Dulcet 4' on the swell with the Bass Flute 8' on the pedal. A few minutes in I add the Gedeckt 8' to the great and Salicional 8' to the swell & Lieblich Gedeckt 16' to the pedal...then the Violina 4' & Dulciana 8' to the swell as well.

Then the Oboe 8' for the oboe solo....with a Diapason 8' added right before the 'fun' part begins. Then during the big movement I add and add until the end with nearly full organ (but no 16' stops on the manuals ever on this recording).

recorded/sequenced on the Reuter opus #822 pipe organ, September 3, 2007

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