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All The Things You Are

by Billy Nalle

In Memory

Billy Nalle, member of the Theatre Organists Hall of Fame, was born April 24, 1921 and passed away on June 7, 2005. He studied at Julliard, with principle teachers, Gaston Dethier and jazz pianist, Teddy Wilson. Billy served in United States Navy from 1943-46, with the Entertainment Unit, where toured Pacific bases with fellow service man, Bob Fosse. Billy Nalle had a 26 year career of music in NYC with 200 major TV networks. In 1975 he moved to Wichita, Kansas as artist in residence for Paramount organ there until retirement, 1995, to Ft. Myers, Florida.

performed on the original Reuter opus #822 console & pipe organ, August 8, 2005
The original 822's blower was in use at this time.

For an enlarged photo of the original console click here.

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