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"BWV 556, Prelude & Fugue in F Major"

Johann Sebastian Bach

This is the very first recording done as a test of a new set of pipes I have obtained for the opus 822 pipe organ.

It is a 4' Roosevelt Gemshorn rank that I have temporarily placed on the 4' section of the Montre, thus it plays as a 8' rank with the bottom 12 notes from the Montre rank.

The Prelude is at 8' of the "gemshorn" rank on the manuals (Gedeckt 16' & Montre 16' on pedal), and the fugue is the "gemshorn" at 8' on the swell and at 4' on the Great, along with the Opus 822's Open Diapason at 8' on the great as well.

It is just slightly stringy, with a very rich diapason sound at 8' with a nice amount of chiff. After hearing the rank for a while I've decided to rename it at "Geigan Principal" and will eventually have it at 16', 8', 4' and 2' on the expanded Opus 822 pipe organ.

In particular it makes an excellent 4' Octave stop to play with the Reuter opus 822's Open Diapason 8' (which you can hear in the fugue above).

recorded/sequenced via computer on the Reuter opus #822 pipe organ, April 2, 2010

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