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as played by Jesse Crawford
"Poet of the Organ"

played on the Reuter Opus 822 Pipe Organ by Jesse Crawford via MIDI file
transferred from a WurliTzer 'R' roll, registered by myself.

This is a recording using a MIDI file created from a paper "roll" produced by the Wurlitzer Organ Co.

Interestingly Jesse Crawford was not wild about the idea of recording on automatic rolls for mechanical reproducing organs. However because of his relationship, both personal and professional with the Wurlitzer family and company he did make several rolls. It is said he cringed at hearing himself play via automatic playback however I think it can be said that there is a window opened into the past when listing to these recordings of some of the style in how Jesse Crawford played and why he earned himself the title "Poet of the Organ".

Thus, like all organists that did cut rolls for automatic roll playing organs, today those same rolls have been graciously transferred to MIDI format allowing myself and others with MIDI playback capability to allow Mr. Crawford and other great organists of the past to live on, in live performance.

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recorded/sequenced via computer on the Reuter opus #822 pipe organ, January 13, 2010

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